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William Symington’s Messiah the Prince

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Table of Contents

Prefaces and Introduction

Chapter 1: Necessity of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion

Chapter 2: Reality of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion

Chapter 3: Christ’s Qualifications for the Kingly Office

Chapter 4: Appointment of Christ to Mediatorial Dominion

Chapter 5: The Spirituality of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion

Chapter 6: The Universality of Christ’s Mediatorial Rule

Chapter 7: The Kingly Office of Christ in Relation to the Church

Chapter 8: The Mediatorial Dominion over the Nations

Chapter 9: The Mediatorial Dominion over the Nations, continued

Chapter 10: Perpetuity of the Mediatorial Dominion


Book Study Audio Files originally found here Copyright by Stillwater Reformed Presbyterian Church (Stillwater, OK)

by Mr. Dave Carroll

The objective of the class:
To understand the doctrine of the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ–the Crown rights of Jesus Christ.

An Introduction to Messiah the Prince and the Life of William Symington ()

Mr. Dave Carroll,
Part of the Messiah the Prince Book Study series, preached at a Book Study service

The Introduction and preface is covered in this first audio along with a brief synopsis of William Symington's ministry and life.

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